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At VOYNOW, BAYARD, WHYTE AND COMPANY, LLP , we strive to obtain the accounting profession's most qualified tax and accounting professionals to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse client base. Unparalleled in experience, our staff will provide you with the expertise required to meet all your individual and business needs. We employ a staff of 22 full-time professionals including our support staff. Our professionals are versed in all the nuances of the automobile business and commercial realty operations. Our partners and key staff members consists which is listed below.  If you like, you can send us an email by going to the contact page and complete the Send a Message section.  Please state the partner or key staff member in the message.  


Our Team

Hugh Whyte, CPA

215-355-8000 Ex 206

Randall E. Franzen, CPA

215-355-8000 Ex 207

Robert P Seibel, CPA

215-355-8000 Ex 214

David A. Kaplan, CPA

215-355-8000 Ex 208

Robert Kirkhope, CPA

215-355-8000 Ex 202

General Questions

215-355-8000 Ex 200